Better than SEO & Adwords



Advertising a business online can be a highly confusing and frustrating piece of work. Most business owners know that being seen on the first page of Google is obviously very desirable in order to attract attention and credibility to the company,
but what’s the best reliable way to do it?
And when you’re there … is that all you need?
Is that all there is to online marketing?

Let’s look at   …SEO

Achieving top positions in the Google search results organically can be expensive and inconsistently elusive. SEO / search engine optimization is a very tricky beast; the algorithms under which it operates change regularly and only one person can take the top spot; often the person with the most money to throw at the system! 
Ranking is often here today / gone tomorrow and 
no one really knows why.

How about …Adwords

Adwords can offer a little better predictability, but it’s still only the first three spots that get any attention and people are less inclined to click an ad. Competition is becoming increasingly fierce and the cost per click is getting very expensive.  
Mostly due to SEO being so unpredictable!

Are you …Lost in a page of …Google Listings … Most are,    
What attracts attention … to you?

When you’re restricted to just a 3-5 word heading and a small 20 word description, it’s hard to stand out and get attention, let alone the attention of your best prospects. It’s a hit and miss proposition for both you and your prospects. It’s a frustrating situation and there needs to be a better way!


Business’s need a better more reliable, predictable and more effective way to get their message across. Advertising methods that are based on sound proven principles of communications that work and will continue to work into the future!  The good news is … finally online technology is now able to deliver this.

These Online Methods Work … and They’re Here to Stay!

Have you heard of …
REAL TIME BIDDING / RTB a new way to buy and sell digital advertising.

How about …
RE-TARGETING a way to revisit your prospects serving them new engaging messages again and again

Certainly we all know Video, 
it’s just TV on the internet …
VIDEO is by far the preferred way of communicating and …you know what… people choose video when you offer it!