Educating your Best Prospects


Re-targeting … 
provides a way to revisit your best prospects serving them new engaging messages again and again being able to educate them as they surf the internet. We know they’re your BEST PROSPECTS because they’ve visited you before 
… and we know what they were interested in! Real time bidding, combined with ‘retargeting’, will finally allow smaller businesses to compete effectively with the big boys. Retargeting allows you to build familiarity and rapport with customers and visitors so that you can tap other interests they may have that they didn’t know you had expertise in. Now… they may even decide to drop into your site … after seeing your ad a few times ….  because you’re familiar More Cost Efficient This form of advertising offers better value.

You only pay for individual impressions or  views, which are much cheaper than a normal adwords or banner ad campaign.  …. AND …Since you’re serving ads

only to people who have an interest,
your conversion ratios will be much higher … ultimately providing the elusive PROFIT you’re after! This technology has been around for a few years now, but only the large brands and agencies were able to afford it. Now it has opened up to some smaller more specialized agencies such as ours and this means a huge change in how businesses should be spending they’re advertising budget. But To WIN … 
You Really Need to Know The Mind of Your Customer …. You now have to understand the strategic marketing side on your business!Have you done a Strategic Marketing Analysis??GET AN EVALUATION OF YOUR MARKETING PROGRAM FREE